Kamis, 19 Februari 2015

Warga Amerika Suka dengan karya Desaigner Indonesia

Saat ketiga desaigner indonesia memajang hasil karya mereka di Peka mode couture New York ternyata banyak warga lokal yang tertarik dengan hasil desain mereka. Desaigner duta wardah cosmetic itu melakukan pemotretan ditempat umum dan mereka memilih 3 tempat yaitu Brooklyn, central park dan times square.

pukul 10.00 sesi pemotretan dimulai ditengah suasana kota newyork yang sedang padat aktifitas. Ada warga neywork yang sedang berolahraga ada yang sedang bermain salju dan ada yang hanya berjalan-jalan dengan hewan kesayangan.

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Tiga desaigner indonesia yang berlaga adalah Barli, dian dan zaskia. baju muslim hasil karya mereka dipakai oleh tiga orang model amerika yaitu laura, jak dan anastasia. Begitu sesi pemotretan dimulai, para model langsung menjadi pusat perhatian warga sekitar. Bahkan salah satu dari mereka mengatakan bahwa rancangan busana yang dipakai para model sangat bagus dan menarik perhatian. Ini menunjukan bahwa warga Amerika sangat toleran terhadap agama dan sangat menghargai karya seni. Hal ini dikatakan oleh warga perancis yang mengaku sudah pernah berjalan-jalan di Indonesia terutama di Surabaya, Bali, lombok dan jakarta.

Proses pemotretan kedua berjalan dengan lancar yang dilakukan di times square, beberapa orang bertanya dari mana asal busana muslim tersebut. Warga terutama sangat tertarik dengan pakaian hasil desaign zaskia sungkar.

Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

Ways to right Neck Dark White

The neck is the part of the body that often appear darker . This is because , the neck is the part of the body that are often exposed to sunlight exposure . If this happens to you , you can solve it by using the following natural ingredients mask . Anything?

1. Water rice
Typically , rice water immediately discarded because they do not know what will be used as . This time should keep the rice water to use as a mask . However , to use the mask of rice water used must be warm . Rice water beneficial to tighten your neck skin tightening .

2. Tomato and lemon
vitamin C in lemons and tomatoes are very useful to whiten your neck . It's easy , make a mask with a mixture of lemon and tomato then apply on the skin of your neck . After that , let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with water until clean .

3. Almond oil and lemon
The combination of vitamin E in almond oil and vitamin C in lemons you black neck problems can be resolved . The trick , mix almond oil and lemon you can also add 1 tablespoon olive oil . In addition to whiten , olive oil content can soften your skin .

May be useful ladies :)

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Fruit And Vegetable Red Makes a Healthy Heart

The heart is one of the organs of the body that is essential for the human body . This is because the heart plays a role in pumping blood throughout the body and megalirkannya . To maintain a healthy heart surely we should keep your diet and lifestyle. However , did you know there are some fruits and vegetables that have a red color can lower the risk of heart disease by 50 % . What is my fruits and vegetables ? Here's his review .

1. Red wine
The first is mainly red wine grapes . In red wine there are substances called flavonoids and resveratrol . It acted as a protector of blood vessels , lowers cholesterol and blood pressure . If the blood pressure and cholesterol decreases the risk of heart disease means will also decrease .

2. Tomatoes
The content of antioxidant called lycopene in red colored fruit that is believed to be very good for your health . A study from the Harvard School of Public Health states that tomatoes can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 % .

3. Beans
Not only tomatoes that contain antioxidants , red beans also contain antioxidants that are good for the health of the body , especially the heart of the red Anda.kacang can prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure . This is because the red beans contain fiber , low in fat and cholesterol .

Those are some fruits and vegetables that can help you to protect the heart . Hope it is useful :)

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Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Trusted Online Store in Indonesia

The increasing technology , support the growth of online stores to be a way of shopping that is a trend in Indonesia . Become a trusted online store certainly will not be easy to come by the store. Because this time the increasing number of scams that impersonate online store . It is , of course, will make those customers who prefer online shopping fear . But do not worry , do not always shop online cheats . Here is a Trusted Online Store in Indonesia .

1. Lazada
Lazada is one online store that can give you the ease to buy any products such as beauty , health and home decor . discounts offered was relatively large so that it will be easier for you to buy and save your cost . The product you buy will be delivered to the destination address with a fast courier service . Not only that , lazada also offer COD ( Cash On Delivery ) .

2. Elevenia
Online store to 2 is Elevenia . With the slogan " Online Shopping Paradise " elevenia become one of the biggest and most reliable online stores in Indonesia . Elevenia an online store product of PT XL Planet which is a joint venture between PT XL Axiata Tbk . and SK Planet Co. , Ltd. Applying the shopping system with an open marketplace platform . Existing payment solutions on elevenia is Escrow System , which ensures the safe running transactions .

3. Zalora
Zalora an online fashion shopping center in Indonesia, which is able to answer the fashion needs of men and women . Zalora , provide products that follow the latest fashion trend that can enhance your appearance .

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Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Tip Foot Blisters Due to Wear High Heels

High heels or often called high heels have a separate room for the women . Besides looks more fashionable , high heels can also make your posture look nicer . However , too often use this type of shoe can also cause blisters on the skin . Do not worry ladies , here's how to treat blisters on your feet.

1. Powder baby
Besides being used for babies , baby powder can also be utilized to treat blisters on your feet . The trick is apply baby powder on your feet before using the high heels . Before that , make sure you wipe it with a towel that is not slippery .

2. Butter
In addition to the material used to make cakes , butter is also very useful to treat foot blisters due to the use of high heel . It is very easy to tablets , namely dab of butter on the heels of a light massage and let stand overnight . The next day , soak your feet in warm water a few minutes . After 1 hour , you can use your high heels again .

3. Coconut oil
Not only used for cooking , coconut oil can also be used as medicine for your feet . The trick , apply coconut oil to lightly massage your feet . Sebiknya , use this oil before bed ladies . If not , you can replace it with olive oil .

Ready to get smooth legs Ladies ? Good luck :)

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Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

Strategies to Build Your Own Business

Having your own business is the dream of every person . This is because if we had our own efforts do not bother to work for someone else . However, the public 's mind Business is a difficult thing to do . However , if you already know the tips and tricks entrepreneurs actually not very difficult, difficult really. Here is a Strategy to Build Your Own Business . Anything?

1. Starting from simple things
If you are confused to choose what business you want to run , you should try to look at the surrounding environment and your everyday needs . Start a business from the simple , modest though who knows this will bring you to success .

2. Product differentiation
Before deciding to business , the first thing to do is figure out what will sell . To avoid competition in the business world it would be nice if you are selling a product that is different from the others . If you are running an online business , the more important are the descriptions and packaging is also very important to the customer .

3. Promotion
Promotion is one of the most important things in doing business . Because it is supported by advances in technology , you do not need to make large banners and flyers for promotion . Just use the facility only from your smartphone such as fuel , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to promote your merchandise .

Those are some strategies that you can do . There are are attracted to entrepreneurship ?

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Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Tips Mendapatkan Alis Rapi dan Cantik

Cantik, tak hanya memiliki wajah yang putih dan bersih. Seseorang yang memiliki alis yang rapi dan terawat juga dapat dikategorikan cantik loh. Keberadaan alis yang rapi dapat menambah tingkat kecantikan seseorang semakin bertambah. Penasaran bagaimana cara mudah mendapatkan alis yang rapi dan cantik? Simak tips berikut ini.

1.       Merapikan alis
Saat Anda berdandan, sebaiknya Anda juga merapikan alis Anda dengan cara menyisir dengan sikat alis. Ini akan membuat alis Anda menjadi rapi dan brntuk alis menjadi natural dan sempurna.

2.       Pensil alis
Dalam pemilihan warna pensil alis juga harus diperhatikan. Anda bisa menggunakan warna coklat tua atau warna hitam juga baik untuk alis. Dalam penggunaannya, sebaiknya gunakan tipis-tipis dan  juga jangan terlalu tebal agar memberikan kesan natural.

3.       Mencukur alis
Jika alis Anda mulai tumbuh, ini akan membuat  tatanan alis Anda menjadi tidak rapi. Anda bisa menyiasatinya dengan cara mencukur atau mencabuti alis satu per satu. Untuk mendapatkan hasil alis yang natural dan lebih rapi, Anda bisa mencabutinya dengan menggunakan pinset.

4.       Minyak kelapa/minyak zaitun
Tahukah Anda, selain wajah alis juga harus dimasker loh. Setelah mencabut alis, Anda bisa menggunakan minyak zaitun atau minyak kelapa sebagai masker alis. Minyak tersebut dipercaya dapat digunakan untuk menyuburkan alis.

Nah, sekarang sudah tahu kan apa saja tips untuk membuat alis rapi dan cantik. Tak perlu mencoba sulam alis cukup melalukan tips di atas. Selamat mencoba J

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